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Made with all natural ingredients, Kokua Cream helps you get back on your feet. Take time to give yourself a little massage on your sore and tired muscles. Take a little dab of Kokua Cream and massage it into the affected area of the body. The cream will absorb nicely into your skin and will not have a medicinal odor.  Apply as needed.

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  1. kokuaadmin

    I know this may sound dramatic, but it’s the truth. I have been living on Aleve or Advil at least twice a day – every single day – for the last two years. This creams benefit has absolutely ridden me of the need for the anti-inflammatory drugs my body has been dependent on. The relief it gives me from the constant aching and throbbing is hard to describe. If you are someone who deals with chronic pain or are even just someone who plays hard and your body takes the blow this cream would be life changing. I truly feel so grateful to have been introduced to the product.

    The bonus is it also smells nice and feels great on my skin.

    Katrina Wehr,

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