You sent me a sample of your product after we met on the South Fork of the Boise River. I burned my finger pretty bad on Sunday of this week, long story and I won’t bore you with the details. I used your product on the burn for the past few days and the healing and improvement is incredible! I had some loss of movement in my finger (just due to the tightness of the skin and large blister) today 60% better and at this rate the blister will be gone in a couple more days plus it helped with the pain


Phil Richardson | Boise, ID

“I can sleep on my left side again”

“I have used creams, powders, roll-on products and steroid shots for years to relieve pain from arthritis in my left shoulder, including horse and animal pain and ligament relief products.

Kokuacream has relieved that pain and I can sleep on my left side again. I even get days of relief after just one use. What a remarkable product, I can’t live without my supply of Kokuacream. Thank you, Mark”

Best Regards,
Joan Evons | Boise, ID

Thank you for the two jars of Kokuacream. Shannyn dropped them off yesterday. I want to tell you, the way that it has worked for Joan and me is nothing short of a miracle. Joan has gotten major relief on her arthritic shoulder and even relief from nerve pain, down her arm. For me, I have periodic, migratory "Charlie Horse" cramping on shines, calves, and feet. Until you first introduced us to your cream, nothing had worked, just had to try walking it off and suffer through. Now, after I apply the cream to the affected area, within a few minutes the cramps subside. What a blessing! Thank you Mark and Regards to Shannyn,

Dick Evons | Boise, ID

Growing pains/shin splints

My daughter is very active and is growing fast. Few nights ago she had pain on the front of her shins. We applied the Kokua cream and massaged her shins.
Daughter responded (9 year old): "Wow Dad I feel this warming feel on my legs, it feels so good"

From the mouth of babes. Looks like you have an exceptional product

Bryan Jorgenson | Twin Falls, ID

This stuff is awesome for muscles joint pain sorry it took me so long to give you my feed back. I've tried several different creams. What I like about yours is the smell isn't overpowering like some I've tried. The cream is very silky and easy to apply or use with massage. ❤

Lisa Waldron | Boise, ID

Mark, I have to tell you that after you left the new jar of Kokua Cream that night, I applied the cream to my sprained wrist that wasn’t healing (pain and no rotation/articulation to speak of). Next morning almost as if completely healed (90%), more treatment day and night, yesterday even better and today about 99.9% return to normal. UFR …. Un F**king Real!!! Your product is for real, and amazing! Thank you… I feel healed.

Jerry S. | Boise, ID

While riding in southern Utah on my mountain bike, I had an accident and separated my right shoulder. Surgery was not needed just some long term rest and recovery. I met Mark the founder of Kokua at a fundraiser and was given a sample of his cream. Once returning from my trip I immediately started faithfully applying the cream and noticed immediate relief. I love the smell and feel of the cream and indeed attribute it to my ability to get a comfortable night's sleep and aid in my overall recovery. Highly recommend this cream to anyone experiencing any muscle pain or discomfort. Plan on giving some to my friend who like me had a shoulder biking accident and is recovering from a dislocated shoulder. This stuff just plain works!!

Jeff Machakos | Boise, ID

I am a Lyme disease patient; Kokua gives me temporary pain relief between meds. This is the best relief I have found. Thank you, Kokua.

Chad Brindle | Montana

My name is Jordon, I am a server and I work long hours on my feet all day. The strain on my neck and back can be a very painful result. This cream not only relieves the pain but it soothes and makes the pain go away. I don’t usually use remedies like this but I would rate this a 10/10, way better than icy hot or anything else I have tried to relieve pain. I would recommend this to anyone who has any joint or muscle pain.

Jordon | Boise, ID | Server at PF Changs

I know this may sound dramatic, but it's the truth. I have been living on Aleve or Advil at least twice a day - every single day - for the last two years. This creams benefit has absolutely ridden me of the need for the anti-inflammatory drugs my body has been dependent on. The relief it gives me from the constant aching and throbbing is hard to describe. If you are someone who deals with chronic pain or are even just someone who plays hard and your body takes the blow this cream would be life changing. I truly feel so grateful to have been introduced to the product. The bonus is it also smells nice and feels great on my skin.

Katrina Wehr | Boise, ID

Mark, The purpose of me wanting to sample your cream was due to the arthritis in my knee I am suffering from, especially when I run. By the grace of all that is holy, nothing has flared up in the last two weeks so I must really count my blessings.That said, 1.5 weeks ago, while lifting at the gym, I greatly strained my right forearm muscle where it meets the elbow. As you can imagine, it was impossible to lift anything heavy and, in trying to so, I kept making it worse. Aleve was helpful in dulling the pain and reducing the swelling but it would flare back up as soon as it wore off. Three days ago I decided to begin using the Kokua cream.I like the aroma a lot and within minutes you could feel it penetrating into the injured area providing me with much needed relief. The second day of application, I went to the gym and performed a modified workout, after applying the Kokua cream, and surprisingly did not have any increased pain, even after a good, effective arm workout.Today is day three and I can honestly say that the pain has been reduced by over 80%. I hardly know it’s there unless I do something specifically to the area but the pain has been reduced dramatically. Thank you for introducing me to the product. I would recommend it to anyone suffering joint or muscle pain caused by injury.

Michael S. Fredricks | SVP, Business Development

I used the Kokua Cream pre-race week and between each race. I ran out, so I was not able to use it after the final race. Pros: definitely relief for Achilles, shoulders, hands and elbows. The menthol was not over bearing but a nice touch. Non-greasy formula was nice. Cons: ran out of product. I really do not have any complaints. I was not expecting a miracle cure but just some relief over time for soreness and aches. I have used Deep Blue and Arnicare in the past. The Kokua Cream provided similar relief as the Deep Blue without the smell and cost. My co-racers definitely appreciate it when I don't use the Deep Blue. They hate the smell. I have another Spartan Race in about 10 days. Any chance I could purchase some product? We are racing all year long with a total of 7 races. Let me know what I need to do. Thanks Rick

Rick Gillespie | Boise, ID

I’m loving the extra strength Kokua cream! It is providing longer lasting and deeper tissue penetration. I also love the consistency of the extra strength. I have a 22 pound grandson who is only 8 months old, I pack him around everywhere with me. But it can really take a toll on my body. The other day after having him all day, and recently healing from a few separated ribs. I used the extra strength Kokua cream and then put the regular cream on the top of it. I have not had any pain since then, & it’s been 3days! There is absolutely nothing on the market that provides the relief of Kokua Cream! I’ll never use any other muscle relief cream again.

Tisha Bostrom | Boise, ID

I love Kokua Cream. I used to take Aleve PM at night because my legs bothered me so bad from working on the concrete floors at Walmart all day. I don't have to take the Aleve PM anymore I massage it on my legs from my knees down and I can sleep all through the night. Thank you for developing Kokuacream. I also gave your website to two of my friends at work because I love the cream so much and they both have legs that bothers them.

Michelle Johnson | Ocala, FL